I would recommend any and everyone to Brentuning for your S1000RR tuning solution. Bren Tuning is the best. Join us! Without the large capacity fuel tank and longer travel suspension of the Adventure model, the standard GS has a claimed curb weight of 548 pounds, more than 40 pounds lighter and a little sprier than its longer distance, more dirtworthy sibling. No problem for the GS, even with the Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III tires! Check. We reviewed the 2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure in the spring, and returned to headquarters with the standard 2019 BMW R 1250 GS for long-term testing, although the term ‘standard’ is not very apropos. Last Tank: 46.9 MPG 3 days ago; ScreenCheetah added 2 fuel-ups to their 2019 BMW R 1250 GS. This feature is very convenient when riding two-up and coming to a stop on uneven pavement, allowing me to focus on the traffic and the task at hand rather than steadying the bike. BMW R 1250 GS (19+) BMW GS1200 (10-18) BMW S1000XR (17-19) BMW S1000XR (14-16) BMW R nine T (14+) BMW R18 (2020+) BMW K1300 (08-16) SATISFIED CLIENTS MAKE US HAPPY “ Bike is running awesome and no out of the ordinary popping under load during downshifts at high rpm. It’s not that the 1200 was underpowered by any seat-of-the-pants dyno, but consider it more of a means to keep pace in the horsepower space-race with the likes of Triumph, Ducati, and KTM. BMW Motorcycles. BMW replaced it with a fairly obtuse 1-2-3 selectable setting. Queue the segue to my favorite aspect of the 2019 BMW R 1250 GS—the torque! For the dedicated... Light weight, a torquey single-cylinder powerplant, and compact dimensions make the 2021 Honda CB300R a highly capable urban motorcycle. This tune is the best thing I got for my bikes. Two-up tours through picturesque wine country? After speaking with the team at BrenTuning, all my hesitations were put to rest and I haven't stop winning first place trophies since! The Mastodon of Adventure is incessantly getting better, and the Swiss Army Knife analogy has never rung truer. Fitted across three models in the RS, R and GS Adventure, this iteration of the motor is fitted with the BMW ShiftCam system that debuted back in 2018. The 2019 BMW R 1250 GS proved to be an unbelievably effective tool for our two-up escape, tackling everything we threw at it with utter ease, and spoiling us with comfort, technology, and smooth and immediate acceleration. The BMW R 1250 GS: concentrated performance meets impressive efficiency. Another benefit of all this beautiful torque is that it’s incredibly easy to use. The BMW R 1250 GS is the brand's flagship ADV and was launched in India last year. Of course, I tell her that I feel that same way and that it’s our responsibility to ride the beans out of this new GS! My old hex-head BMW R 1200 GS Adventure barely peaked at 80 ft/lbs! With the two-up test behind us, I’m now using the striking Style HP enhanced GS to turn heads and battle urban traffic in the most conscientious and responsible way I know—in Dynamic Pro mode! While BMW’s new version of the R 1250 GS Adventure may have too much tech, it still leads the pack in versatility. 2020 BMW R 1250 GS/Adventure Reviews, Comparisons, And Competition. We thoroughly enjoyed the backcountry journey, as I engaged the Rain mode to moderate the power and smooth out the suspension. BMW R 1250 GS is a bike available at a price of Rs. The 2019 BMW R 1250 GS and R 1250 RT boast an updated boxer engine with more displacement, variable timing and more power, along with some snappy new … Back on the pavement, I returned the R 1250 GS to Road mode and never missed a beat. lol. With the BMW R 1250 GS you will experience the Boxer even more directly. Exploring gravel-strewn backcountry fire roads? All rights reserved. Road mode offers all the power but wraps it in a smoother, more passenger-friendly package. The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure comes with the company’s trade… Typically, I don’t use the low-seat option on previous versions of the big GS because I felt that it was too low relative to the footpegs, and cramped my knees. 2 weeks ago; Drericflores fueled-up their 2019 BMW R 1250 GS. Check. The lighter, blue basic version stands for the urge for distance and the path to the horizon that seems close enough to touch. By Seth Richards. Bike runs fantastic. My old 2007 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is beginning to resemble a ride-along lawnmower amid the 2019 R 1250 GS with the Style HP kit. Racking up the miles and putting in the off-road time on a trip to BMW’s Enduro School. This allows for seamless up and downshifting without the use of the clutch or throttle. Older models required twisting a hand crank on the side of the road. Beyond automatically and continuously adjusting valving in response to road conditions, it compensates for the weight of the luggage, passenger, and fuel load, along with adjusting the rear shock preload to keep a constant sag. Customer service was great and I highly recommend them for any of y'all that want to make that power!! Although this type of connectivity is a godsend for busy midweek commuting, for a weekend adventure, I consider most of it to be a mutable distraction. Torque is what allows us to accelerate from highway cruising speeds to ludicrous speed with a mere twist of the right hand, and the BMW R 1250 GS has gobs of it. Faux air scoops remain here but get more pronounced with the honeycomb plastic used around. Beyond the beautiful aesthetics of the Style HP enhanced GS, the first lasting impression occurred by engaging the push-button starter to experience the substantially robust sound and feel of the new powerplant. Wishing well to MotoGP Champ Fausto Gresini, James Rispoli going to the big show in AFT, and Davide Brivio takes his World Championship and heads to F1. The elongated beak now looks bulkier with multiple surfaces with plastic coming here. Every day I ride the new 2019 BMW R 1250 GS I arrive up the driveway with a huge smile on my face, and I’m careful to park it next to our old 2007 flagship GS Adventure, if for nothing else to revel in the sheer progress a decade and change have had. 23 hours ago; g-in-r fueled-up their 2019 BMW R 1250 GS. For 2019, the BMW engineers amped up the power in the big GS by punching out the previous 1170cc boxer twin-engine to 1254cc by increasing the bore by 1.5mm and lengthening the stroke by 3mm. Moreover, the asynchronous opening of the intake valves creates a swirl effect, increasing the efficiency of aspiration, which leads to better fuel economy and lower emissions—a true win-win. Selling accessories from the bike that I just sold. BMW Motorcycles. Adorned with BMW’s Premium Package and Style HP kit, this new steed is an absolute stunner with gold off-road-ready spoked wheels, a blacked-out engine, and the gorgeous BMW Motorsports three-color paint scheme. If anyone has any questions or are hesitant before purchasing, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll help / assist / give you a more detailed opinion on my experience as well. We are mentally and spiritually obligated to flog the test bike, pushing it and ourselves to the utmost limit, all in the name of the proverbial Greater Good and our beloved sport of motorcycling. BMW R 1250 GS Test 2019 – technische Daten, Fahreindrücke, Preise Nagelneuer Boxer-Motor in der großen GS - schon gefahren! ScreenCheetah added 2 fuel-ups to their 2019 BMW R 1250 GS. Happily, that isn’t the case with the 2019 model and the Passenger Low Seat option. This spreads the power and, more specifically, the torque delivery across an incredibly broad swath of the rev range. There’s nothing like two-up technical touring to differentiate between the road and trail-worthy features of a motorcycle and the nice-to-have trademarked logos that seem to crowd any glossy dealership brochure or website. SX Fantasy – The decision has been made… PulpMX. Here, the variable camshaft control BMW ShiftCam is the innovative technology that offers you the optimum performance in every engine speed range. November 25, 2019. Before the babysitting arrangement could possibly fall through, we threw our toiletries and a couple of changes of clothes into a waterproof duffle bag strapped to the rear luggage plate of the new GS and head for the nearest twisty hills, with the cozy town of Paso Robles, Calif. as our final destination. Negotiating twisty hairpin turns, I can use third gear with striking effect anywhere from 18 mph up to 80 mph. Approximate Retail Value of prize is $41,000. The Hill Start Control is a pleasant surprise, as it automatically engaged the front brake when we stopped at an intersection on a steep mountain road. Walk smoother in the low-speed range and high torque in each speed range. BMW had expected us to get seriously off-road on the R 1250 GS and slipped on a pair of Continental Twinduro TKC 80 tires. The broad torquey power delivery of the new R 1250 GS powerplant is a game-changer, making a ride on any previous GS models feel like a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The Dynamic Pro ride mode provides direct and instant throttle response, which is perfect for transforming a dreary commute into a one-motorcycle hooligan festival. As a KTM 1190s owner I would own a superduke or GT but more than likely I would buy a S1000r/XR. The manufacturing of BMW motorcycles began in 1921, when the company began producing engines for other businesses, releasing their first motorcycle in 1923. With 16 factory-backed... Ep108 – ARAI News, Brivio Leaves Suzuki MotoGP, FIM World Endurance, SX Fantasy and Battle of the Olds. I no longer feel as if I'm riding a wild bronco lol. The Swiss Army Knife of Motorcycles. What I failed to say was as a BMW s1000rr owner, I would never own a GS. The BMW GS boxers go by many affectionate monikers, and for good reason—they simply do it all. A 2,500-Mile Review Of The 2019 BMW R 1250 GS. BMW R 1250 Gs Adventure Motorcycles For Sale: 139 Motorcycles - Find BMW R 1250 Gs Adventure Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. Long gone are the days of the sewing-machine sound from the horizontally opposed BMW boxer engines. Although for two-up touring, I found that shifting the old-fashioned way was a little more comfortable for my passenger, and facilitated her sightseeing rather than bracing herself for my throttling antics. The power spread is so intoxicatingly wide that shifting the six-speed gearbox is nearly optional. BMW R 1250 GS Motorcycles For Sale: 355 Motorcycles - Find BMW R 1250 GS Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. More Reviews. However, we prefer the R 1250 GS Adventure for the dirt, so we spooned on a set of Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III touring tires for our test. View our full range of BMW R 1250 GS Motorcycles online at bikesales.com.au – Australia's number 1 motorbike classified website. The Roadsmart III’s have proven to have fantastic edge grip, are super stable at speed, and work great if the weather gets a bit inclement. I can definitely feel the extra power! Because, for the latest incarnation of their flagship adventure bike, the R 1250 GS, BMW decided the only way to go was to allow all their dials to go to 11. The manufacturing of BMW motorcycles began in 1921, when the company began producing engines for other businesses, releasing their first motorcycle in 1923. Jason talk to us about his view on endurance racing, the good and the bad. Was skeptical at first and initially had a bunch of questions. ”, “ I have a 2015 S1000RR and was extremely skeptical when I heard about BrenTuning and the power they got out of an ECU flash. With logistics out of the way, the focus turns to bike preparation. It is available in only one variant and 2 colours. ”, “ Purchased the tune for my 2015 BMW S1000RR. Shawn Thomas takes us through his first ride with the new BMW R 1250 GS on and off the backroads. Competition use only parts are clearly labeled as competition use only in the product listing page and may only be Keep up the great work, guys! How’s that for versatility! To top if off I received a random care package of goodies from Chris today. Other than a smooth boost of linear pull, the auto-engagement of the ShiftCam system is virtually imperceptible. Claimed torque output is increased by 14 percent to 105 ft/lbs at 6250 rpm, which is best-in-class. “ Bike is running awesome and no out of the ordinary popping under load during downshifts at high rpm. ”, Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from BrenTuning. Winner will also receive $10,000 USD. Chris was very patient with me and answered them all. Thanks to BMW ShiftCam’s variable camshaft control system, the R 1250 GS Adventure boxer engine transforms remotely into pure pleasure. In his test of the 2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure, UM Editor Don Williams found a unique scenario where the ShiftCam actuation was noticeable, but I never tried to replicate it. And on the basis of ABR’s recent test, that little bit extra is pretty damn effective. The broad torquey power delivery of the new R 1250 GS powerplant is a game-changer, making a ride on any previous GS models feel like a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The stunning success of the BMW GS has catalyzed and created an entire motorcycling segment that now offers adventure motorcycles in a wide array of sizes, displacements, and price points, each designed to offer a unique take on the motorcycle adventure experience. Literally sometimes instantly, kinda weird. Since the debut of the R 80 G/S in 1980, the Gelände/Straße (Off-road/Road in English) BMW gave birth to a whole new type of two-wheeled journey that we now call adventure (ADV) motorcycling. I feel like I have a better version of my bike. Get the Gear You See Here at MotoSport.com! https://motoamerica.com/tickets/ use code EARLYBIRD. FIM EWC – The 2021 World Endurance calendar is out. HOME / BMW / Reviews / Road Test / 4 things I learned riding the BMW R 1250 GS BMW’s big 1250 GS remains the most successful Adventure motorcycle on the planet because it … 20.45 Lakh in India. Carving our way through sinewy canyon roads, I fully appreciate the dynamic nature of the Electronic Suspension Adjustment system. Eighteen years and five million units in sales since the introduction of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso line, the Diablo Rosso IV is being introduced.... GasGas invited the press to a coming-out party for its new 2021 GasGas Factory Racing Teams—motocross/supercross, GNCC (Grand National Cross Country), and observed trials.... Aprilia wasn’t even cagey when debuting the 2021 RS 660 to us. My hats off to your team for making me feel like I have a personal tuner at my disposal. The Mastodon of Adventure. Battle of the Olds – The boys talk about what is coming up with the White vs. Kolb battle at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in March. Their email response times are unreal as well, lol. This increased claimed peak horsepower by seven percent to 136 horsepower at 7750 rpm. (Car nerds, you can think of BMW’s “GS” motorcycles as the 3 Series of Motorrad.) A broad span of power delivery levels the playing field for riders of all skill levels. The bike is high on power and tech sporting a larger 1254 cc (as opposed to the 1170 cc on the R 1200 GS) twin-cylinder engine with ShiftCam technology or variable timing that allows for … Most impressive is that there are a whopping 80 ft/lbs of torque available at 2000 rpm—right off idle! Fortunately for me, my wife Malin is always a willing coconspirator for such two-up adventures, and she is fully aware that there’s much more at stake here than just a weekend getaway. Find the best deals today! Why the Latest BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Is the Best All-Around Bike – … BMW’s new ShiftCam technology utilizes an electronically actuated intake cam that automatically switches between two distinct intake cam profiles based on rpm and engine load. What does this mean to you? Use or depiction of the BMW, Ducati, Aprilia, and KTM logo or trademark throughout this web site is for illustrative and editorial purposes only, and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringement of the trademark. Thank you again, I didn't think that a L-twin could behave this well. (You can unsubscribe anytime), BrenTuning Moto® is a registered trademark, BrenTuning Moto is not affiliated with BMW AG or BMW of North America. The Premium Package is essential, and you’d probably be hard-pressed to find a GS in dealer inventory without it. The display itself is uber-impressive, and is large enough to be called a dashboard. Omaze BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Motorcycle Sweepstakes potential winner will receive a 2020 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Motorcycle with Lone Rider accessories already installed on the bike. In addition to the Dynamic Pro and Enduro Pro riding modes, it includes the Gear Shift Assist Pro among a host of other electronic accouterments. Fortunately, the massively torquey GS is like a stealth fighter, deftly and smoothly overtaking anything in its path without whipsawing the neck of my beautiful accomplice and initiating a conversation about patience. An increase in engine displacement brings you even more performance – pumping out 136 hp and 105 lb-ft of torque. Slicing through traffic and overtaking cars is typically a back and forth exercise—accelerating and decelerating, downshifting and upshifting the gearbox, all of which can take its toll on your passenger during an all-day trip in the saddle. In this episode, Co-Hosts Greg White and Jason Pridmore talk: ARAI Helmets News – MotoAmerica tickets on sale. The new BMW R 1250 GS: concentrated performance meets impressive efficiency. This is mainly due to the all-new Boxer engine – with a maximum torque of 105 lb-ft, the reworked engine delivers more power than ever before. The customer service at Brentuning is probably the best I've received from any business I've dealt with. Really appreciate the quick turnaround to get me straight. The GSA is a masterpiece in engineering but you have a 30% less chance of making it through a 10,000 mile adventure vs the KTM 1x90. The new design with the BMW Motorsport colours is uncompromising and dynamic. The BMW R 1250 GS Whether on extended tours or off-road: The BMW R 1250 GS with its boxer engine combines driving dynamics and comfort to create a unique experience. The AltRider Rear Luggage Rack is the only design on the market that can be mounted directly to the passenger handle, or in a lower position to bring down the center of gravity – neither require additional brackets or subframes. This allows me to go through miles and miles of backroad chicanes without touching the gearshifter. Definitely worth it. The new R 1250 R is designed for a more dynamic appearance. The additional features support the … The upright standard is part... It’s time for the 17-round 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Championship Series to get underway, and with it, predictions for the season. I will tell everyone I know about this fantastic addition. The engine capacity increase brings you more performance - 136 hp and 1250 ccm. Also, your customer service is the best. 2020 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Ice Grey, 2020 BMW R1250 GS-Adventure in Ice Grey + Premium Package and Off Road Tires 2020 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Ice ... Harrison Eurosports Sandy, UT - 585 mi. away Chat Text . ”, “ Bren and his team did an awesome job on my bmw s1000rr. Malin and I continued to ride the path less trodden to the point where we ended up on a nearly 20-mile stretch of a dirt road with embedded rocks in the central coastal mountains. Achieve the impossible. The world is there to be discovered. Greg’s Garage Pod with Co-Host Jason Pridmore – A motorcycle racing Pod about MotoGP, MotoAmerica, and World Superbike, Pro Motocross, American Flat Track, Supercross, and more. I already had a couple of months of commuting experience on the R 1250 GS under my belt. Email Call 1-833-357-3204. Commuting through a strangled mess of urban traffic? My smartphone already had an intimate relationship with BMW R 1250 GS and its 6.5-inch, full-color TFT-display, thanks to BMW’s Connect app. The throttle smoothness and even power band make it a joy to ride. 2 weeks ago; Raisantos added 1 notes for their 2019 BMW R 1250 GS. I wont go into details but after multiple overnighting of parts to me at no additional charge, I'm really impressed and satisfied with the end result and I haven't even tried out my race fuel tune yet! Like it should have come this way. The manufacturing of BMW motorcycles began in 1921, when the company began producing engines for other businesses, releasing their first motorcycle in 1923. away Email Call 1-855-705-3378 Now the immediate challenge becomes locking down a willing babysitter for a couple of days. I often hear riders banter back and forth about peak horsepower numbers, but the infinitely more relevant aspect of power delivery is the amount of torque available at any given rpm. Along with the keyless start, the R 1250 GS rivals many of the luxury cars currently on the market. I have also did the Bren Tune for my 2014 BMW S1000r for which it just made this bike really nice. BMW’s boxer motor has been the basis of the Motorrad wing’s success for generations, and it’s been refined further in the RS. The variable camshaft control system BMW ShiftCam ensures superior power delivery – in the high and low-engine speed ranges. Had some problems after receiving my ecu back and Chris was very helpful in getting all my issues worked out. 2020 BMW R 1250 GS Cosmic Bue Met, Price does not include Set Up, Freight, Tax, Title or Registration Fees 2020 BMW R 1250 GS Cosmic Bue Met WITH EVE... Cross Country BMW Motorcycle of Hasbrouck Heights Hasbrouck Heights, NJ - 241 mi. Our test bike was fitted with the Passenger Seat Low option as part of the Style HP Package, and that allowed me and my 30-inch inseam to touch the ground with both feet—great for off-road or lane splitting when the going gets tight. Link here: https://pulpmxfantasy.com/leagues/gregsgaragepodcast. Along with the optional BMW Motorrad Garmin GPS, everything is interoperable—audible navigation instructions, helmet communications, music, podcasts, passenger chat, and incoming calls. The latest incarnation of dynamic adjustment provides for consistent handling characteristics for two-up touring and facilitates fully laden fun in the twisties. It is fantastic for solo riding situations on and off the highway piste. In that time, I had honed in on my favorite settings. 2019 BMW R 1250 GS Motorcycles For Sale: 24 Motorcycles - Find 2019 BMW R 1250 GS Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. The R 1250 GS is the queen of the touring enduro It’s just made for impassable routes, adverse conditions and the most remote destinations. Ep107 – Interview with Josh Herrin, MotoAmerica to Brainerd, ARAI News and more! © BrenTuning Moto, LLC. Malin is very good at reminding me that now we are parents to two young children and that we need to be responsible adults, and that includes being courteous and responsible motorcycle riders as well. used according to the guidelines posted on our, Emissions Notice to Customers in California. The 2019 BMW R 1250 GS is the latest iteration of the flagship GS model from BMW Motorrad, a model which has been the most successful adventure motorcycle in the world for several decades now.But this is the first time I'm meeting the big boxer twin, and there was a hint of scepticism about the hype surrounding the big GS before I swung a leg over it. With the new BMW R 1250 GS you will experience the new Boxer even more directly. Went from 179rwhp an 83 rwtq to 206 rwhp and 93rwtq. BMW Motorcycles.

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