Logically, we know that she isn’t likely to die, what with her being the star of the show and all. After Richard's surgery, Owen came to Meredith's room to tell her that Bailey had closed Richard back up once Catherine started yelling at them from the gallery. MerGreygroße GreyMedusaeine der verdrehten Schwesterndie Frau aus der BarMrs. The two soon after met with each other in an exam room where Derek confessed that he still loved her and they had sex. With no cell phone connection, they tried to find a way out to no avail. Meredith and Carina share their concerns over Andrew's mental health. At Jo and Alex's wedding, Andrew drunkenly kissed Meredith, and she rejected his advances, though she told him she was flattered. She confronted Lauren's about her treating Andrew like a machine but Lauren pointed out she was counting on it, with Suzanne's life hanging in the balance. The kids then arrived for the party and Link played along with Bailey. However, Heather and Shane discovered heavy bleeding, and Meredith realized that she had suffered an internal bleed from her fall on the stairs. Cormac complimented her on her work today but she was too concerned about the human trafficking situation to accept the praise. Bei Amelia's Hochzeit lächelt Nathan Meredith zu. She was cleared by Dr. Andrew Perkins only after she admitted her pregnancy and miscarriage. Staffel 10: Callie schläft jetzt mit Sofia bei Meredith und Derek mit im Haus und hilft ihnen. gehen ließ. Die beiden fangen an, sich zu treffen und kommen so auch zusammen. They stayed together and after his mother's visit, Derek decided to propose with his mother's engagement ring. Programm aus Afrika ins Krankenhaus gebracht wurde. Due to Meredith's friendship with Derek, Derek and Addison agreed to take him in. Eventually, Richard broke off his relationship with Ellis, as he felt he was being the better man, by walking away from Ellis, with Meredith only meters away, riding on a carousel. Meredith did not want to be in another love triangle and believed that Nathan was betraying her by not seizing the miraculous opportunity to be with Megan again. Jackson and Meredith have developed a nice friendship and they are usually nice and happy around each other. Andrew tried to convince her to go to court while he'd look out for Zola but Meredith made it clear there was no way she would leave her daughter. However, it appeared that with Alex's apology, they mended their fences and went back to their former relationship, as he was there to provide some physical support after Meredith learned that Zola had to be surrendered to Social Services for the time being. They managed to perform all the surgeries. After the death of Derek, Meredith left Seattle without telling anyone where she was going. Alias Meredith listened, as she already had concerns about Andrew's health, since he wasn't sleeping or eating. Levi began testifying about Meredith being an amazing teacher but he was soon forced to confess that he had been the one who had reported the fraud to Bailey. She questioned why Jo ever thought they would be good together and didn't try to hide her disdain from Link. Meredith pointed out he could have taken a minute to explain his actions before administrating steroids, which could kill her if they were wrong about the diagnosis. Richard started becoming frustrated with Meredith and even more so when he looked at her and was frustrated to see Ellis Grey inside her, the woman who he loved but had almost ruined his marriage. [29], Meredith put out feelers with a real estate agent to see whether anyone would be interested to buy her house. She then called her lawyer and made arrangements to pay Paula's bail so she could be reunited with her kids. Meredith, Teddy, and Jo then performed the surgery without a hitch. [56], Meredith apologized to Link for standing him up. He also asked her not to show up to his house to talk him into returning to Seattle because, for the first time in his life, he felt that he was exactly where he needed to be. She later also performed a solo neurological surgery by herself, as Derek, the attending doctor, was occupied by another patient in another OR. Meredith's parents had a troubled marriage, though part of this was due to Ellis spending too much time working and normal everyday problems. Staffel 9: Derek will wegziehen. Später, kurz After convincing her that detecting possible cancer was more important than staying at work for two more hours, Meredith took her to the Grey Sloan parking lot for an ultrasound. Derek engaged Meredith in his Alzheimer's clinical trial, trying to find a cure for her mother's disease. During her near-death experience, the very first being she wanted to meet was Doc. During Meredith's trial, she lost her temper at one of the doctors on the panel, the one who'd killed Derek. Meredith also realized that she could live without him, but she didn't want to. While Bailey and Webber advised a conservative approach, but Megan opted for the more radical approach so she could return to her son in Iraq faster. Vincenzo came to Seattle to pitch research on gestational sacks, while Meredith had a dream about her mother that steered her towards finding a specific new research project, though she had yet to figure out what exactly it was. Meredith ordered Andrew to stay by Zola's side in post-op. Meredith wanted to stop him from taking the fall, but she couldn't stop him from taking the fall and turning himself in as she could not leave the chamber.[66]. Meredith told her that Richard chose her to make his decisions, and not Catherine. Meredith learns that Cristina sent her Cormac as a present. She was married to Derek Shepherd until his death; they have two daughters, Zola and Ellis, and a son, Bailey. They bonded over a complex case on their first day, but the relationship was put to the test after Meredith was chosen for a surgery, instead of Cristina. As he lowered her down, she dropped into his arms and they almost shared a kiss until the power kicked back in. Staffel 7: Callie ist schwanger und bekommt kurz darauf ein gesundes Mädchen; Meredith fragt sich,warum alle sogar ungewollt ein Baby kriegen, nur sie nicht. Staffel Ein Harper Avery. When George discovered that he had to repeat his intern year, he drew away from his group of friends, but things soon went back to normal. Richard was questioned about the Alzheimer trial but he maintained that he was the only one who had played a role in that. Jackson Avery. Alex also spilled to Cristina that she and Meredith were all he had and that they were his family, and that realization made him help Meredith and attempt to get Social Services to let Meredith keep Zola. Ihr Ziel ist es, drei Harper Averys zu gewinnen, weil es ihre Mutter verrückt machen würde. in Staffel 11 Episode 3 betrinken sich Alex und Meredith zusammen und "überprüfen" Pierce. He told Richard that he was the most professional man except for when it came to Meredith Grey, who he didn't always treat as a colleague. He had been on the way to the airport for a final trip to D.C. where he would wrap up his work and hand in his resignation. He claimed he knew they were just friends who had sex, but during Owen and Amelia's wedding, he smilingly looked at her, indicating he had started to feel more for her. Irgendwann hatte Derek davon genug und sie ließen einen Ultraschall machen. In the elevator, Andrew opened up to Meredith about his difficult childhood back in Italy under his famous surgeon father. They proceeded to kiss but during sex, knowing it wasn't right, Meredith burst into tears. Nathan had doubts about Meredith working on the case given their history, but Meredith assured him she could do it. She agreed to come back if Richard could return to the Residency Program Director. [62], While Meredith assisted Jackson, Catherine, Owen, and Megan Hunt on a complex surgery involving an abdominal wall transplant and a penis and scrotum transplant, Richard gave Andrew a solo lap appy under his supervision. Together with Carina, she again voiced her concerns over his mental state but he ordered her to leave the room. He told her it was nice to meet someone widowed young like him. With the encouragement of Jo, Meredith asked out Atticus Lincoln for drinks, prompting Andrew to finally confess his feelings for Meredith. However, upon the discovery of Nathan's long-lost fiancée, Megan, who had been abducted 10 years ago when they were both in Iraq, Nathan and Meredith abruptly ended their relationship. Fearing that she would lose Zola, Meredith hid with Zola in the basement of the hospital for 4 hours. die beiden tranken Tequila und tanzten durch das Haus. Meredith Grey and Richard Webber had a very strained relationship for a very long time. Miscarriage (with Derek)Zola Grey ShepherdDerek Bailey ShepherdEllis Shepherd Sie erzählt dies Derek nicht sofort, da er gerade mitten in der Scheidung mit Addison steckt und sie ihm Freiraum geben möchte. They spent the night together. Meredith gets to know Cormac as they wait for the liver. His nickname was "McVet," as opposed to Derek's "McDreamy. She ran into Cormac and Jackson, whom she was jealous of for having operated earlier that day. As a gift, Meredith was given an "Anatomy Jane" doll by her parents, which contained 24 parts/organs to take out, and extra parts to simulate pregnancy. Upon coming to Seattle Grace, they acted civilly, but there were issues under the surface. Ellis would rarely recognize Meredith but one day she woke up and was lucid, but it wouldn't last long, she found herself very disappointed in her daughter who was no longer driven, just "happy." As they waited, she told him about how she got fired and he talked about him and Cristina treating a kid with a similar condition in Switzerland, bringing up a story Cristina had told him about Alex saving a kid with that condition as well. In the original pilot script, Meredith was mentioned to be 32 when she started her internship, although it was never mentioned in the TV series. They started dating again, but Derek later complained that she was constantly leaving him and that she should be worried that the highlight of his week was meeting another girl at Joe's. Upon finding out that Jo still hadn't spoken to Alex after her return from Pittsburgh, Meredith went to stay with Jo while Alex took her place in her household. After Meredith finished stabilizing a patient's badly wounded leg with the help of a little girl just by the water, the man panicked and pushed Meredith off the edge into the bay. However, she immediately broke that promise when she hid the fact that Nathan came to see her that night, asking about the problem she had mentioned as he really felt something between them. She hadn't seen them in two weeks since she was quarantining away from home. The judge got angry and the lawyer blurted out her three kids as a reason to keep her out of jail. Als Meredith nach der OP aufwacht, sitzt Lexie bei ihr und hällt ihre Hand. Merediths erste Patientin war Katie Bryce. Sie stellt eine der Hauptrollen in der Serie dar. She opened the door by giving him a piece of her liver, but he never walked through. Sozialarbeiterin fand heraus, dass die beiden nicht mehr zusammen lebten und nahm She was then ordered to community service but picking up trash on the streets instead of at a clinic. Meredith then stared after him, not noticing Andrew who had been planning to set the record straight. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd broke up before they really committed to each other. Merediths Lieblingsbands aus den 80ern sind 'Duran Duran', 'The Go Go's' und 'Eurythmics'. He blamed her for being a hypocrite. She later found out he had quit as he felt people were obstructing him in accomplishing the impossible and changing lives. Derek immediately bonded with Zola and suggested adoption. überhaupt war und merkte, dass sie ihre Mutter eigentlich gemocht hätte, wenn sie nicht ihre Mutter wäre. Later that day, Meredith officiated a wedding between her patient and her fiancé shortly before the former's death.

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