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Das Portal für kulturelle Bildung.

About Kultur bildet.

The Cultural Education Dialogue Platform is a German Culture Council (Deutscher Kulturrat e.V.) project designed to regularly provide an audience interested in cultural education with details on current developments, services and players in this field. Moreover, the Platform aims to stimulate a professional discussion on cultural education. The Platform functions as a network between civil society, foundations, churches, and the authorities on a local, Länder and national level.

Germany has an impressive range of varied and various cultural education services. The German Culture Council’s Kultur bildet. internet portal offers a guide to this broad field of cultural education. It compiles information on cultural education from the areas of culture, education, politics and research on the Länder and national level and makes this available to a broad public.

The Cultural Education Dialogue Platform is a project by the German Culture Council, and is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. The Kultur bildet. internet portal is one of four elements comprising the Cultural Education Dialogue Platform; the other elements are:

Contributions to cultural education Kultur bildet.

Information on current developments, new research results and cultural education projects appearing from 2013 to 2016 in nine editions in the supplement to the German Culture Council’s Politik & Kultur magazine. see more (in german)

Dialogue Forum Kultur bildet.

A forum for public discussions with experts from the cultural education sector presenting reports, or leading more detailed discussions on individual key topics. see more (in german)