As a result, this bike is best piloted by experienced riders who can use proper form and soften their elbows and knees to finesse downhill. He is joined by professional skier, singletrack enthusiast, and bike mechanic Kyle Smaine; our Senior Mountain Bike Review Editor, Jeremy Benson, and bike industry veteran, Joshua Hutchens, who has done everything from owning and running his own shop in Oregon to guiding around the world since his early days on a BMX bike. Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Reviews of 2020 – Our Top 10 Picks #1. We spent an insane amount of time riding the bikes in this review to gain a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each model. We also do switchout days where were jump on bikes back to back in quick succession. Otherwise, there was little not to like about this capable and highly versatile hardtail. Was "gebrauchtes Mountainbike" in unserem Online-Shop bedeutet, kannst Du in unsere Definition "neuwertig" & "gebraucht" nachlesen. This is an extremely important element of our testing process. Big beefy tires can make a world of difference on a hardtail because you can run lower pressures for excellent traction and damping in the form of additional air volume. Even though it’s been years since its inception, the Honzo holds its own against pretty much any new hardtail out there, and even some full-suspension rigs. There are 3 different wheel sizes to consider when looking for a hardtail. This rig was clearly designed with an emphasis on bikepacking. Our Trail bikes step up to the task to tackle single-track. The Growler isn't quite perfect. Looking for an affordable mountain bike? Related: How to Select the Right Mountain Bike. The downside? All trademarks property of their respective owners The Ibis DV9 is a lightweight bicycle that can slay a trail ride and is just as well suited to entering a cross country race. Pat has ridden well over 150 bikes in the past 15 years. Modern geometry, technology, and components have made hardtails better than ever before, plus they are simple, low maintenance, and cost-effective. Pat Donahue, our former Senior Mountain Bike Editor at OutdoorGearLab, leads our hardtail review. These days hardtails come in all shapes and sizes to suit a different range of tastes and riding styles. The 120-millimeter-forked, 29-inch-wheeled Honzo is a true do-it-all-mountain bike, and the fully Boosted frame has all the features you need if you want to upgrade parts later on. The Commencal Meta HT AM, for example, has a slack head angle and a 160mm fork that give this bike the ability to get rowdy. Hardtails are generally more affordable than their full suspension counterparts due to their simpler, single suspension design. The term “Hardtail” gives a fair indication as to the suspension layout of these bikes. In addition, the lack of rear suspension requires far less maintenance than a complicated full suspension bike with a ton of creaky bearings. In the case of the DV9, it's a versatile trail-worthy bike that could easily double as an XC race bike on the weekends. These unforgiving bicycles teach proper form and technique as there is no suspension to bail you out. Also, the brakes are a little weak for how hard this bike wants to charge. If you're going to ride multiple times a week and push your skillset, a full suspension bike is often the best option. We don't rate the bikes we test based on their price, but we do love a good value. Hardtail Mountain Bikes for Sale, Beginner to Pro Level Hardtail mountain bikes are typically classified as great off-road bikes for cross country mountain biking and single tracks. Du bist bereit für ein Mountainbike Hardtail, wenn du folgendes vorhast: In fact, mountain bikes can get really expensive really quickly. This bike is a respectable climber and is at its best when working up buff singletrack. – ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine. This familiarity means we ride the same exact lines on each bike and can easily discern between the ride properties of each model. Bikes such as the Commencal Meta HT AM Essential represent what we believe to be an excellent value while a bike like the Trek Stache 9.7 is far more expensive. Our testing process is extremely tedious and it focuses on all the details. SCOTT Hardtail Bike Bikes. Are you searching for the best hardtail mountain bike? The Fluid HT 1 is a stealthy and attractive looking bicycle with a stiff aluminum frame. Ibis DV9 NX Eagle Hardtail Mountain Bike at … Climbing up mellow and buff climbs was surprisingly pleasant thanks to a steep seat tube angle that puts you right on top of the cranks. While the Santa Cruz is an exceptionally amusing bicycle, it has somewhat of a narrow range of trails on which it excels. Great climbing traction, far more aggressive descending abilities, and all-day comfort are all benefits of full-squish rigs. If you're in this camp, know that mountain biking can potentially be more fun on a full-suspension bike. Diese Frage stellt sich jeder Mountainbiker. $569.99. For the 2020 model year, this bicycle received a total overhaul and it shreds harder than ever with 29-inch wheels. Hardtail mountain bikes will come in a choice of 3 different materials: steel, aluminium and carbon fibre. The Santa Cruz Chameleon is a great bike for the fun-loving riders out there. The Marin is a bikepacking/adventure bike that holds up pretty well as a trail bike. Each one is purpose built for the way you ride, whether that’s blasting berms, gunning for KOMs, or … If the price tag associated with a quality mountain bike has you choking, look no further! Ganz einfach: Du musst dir überlegen, in welchem Gelände dein Abenteuer stattfindet. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. From the urban commute to trail riding on the weekends a hardtail mountain bike is the best bike for versatility and all-terrain riding. Also, these can be excellent second bikes for full suspension owners who want a simple, hearty bike for wet and sloppy conditions. Hardtails are typically associated with a more old school ride feel and this is related to their rigid rear ends and frame geometry. If your idea of fun is boosting every side-hit, manualing dips in the trail, and scorching through corners, this is the bike for you. Best hardtail mountain bike under £/$375 Calibre Two Cubed. If you are the kind of rider who enjoys getting rad and going fast, this is a great bike. Ibis DV9 NX Eagle Hardtail Mountain Bike. Hardtails are a fantastic way for newer riders to build skills as they force proper form and soft knees/elbows over rough terrain. The Growler responds well to an aggressive pilot and despite its length, likes to boost off rolls and bumps in the trail. When considering a hardtail mountain bike, a few things to take into consideration are: what type of riding will you be doing, what wheel size you prefer, what kind of material would you like your bike to be made of and ultimately, your budget. Learn more about this topic in our guide to bicycle frame materials. This is in contrast to full-suspension bikes, which have shocks in both the front and the rear. Along with being used on Fat bikes, 26in wheels remain a popular option when looking at the used bike market. Is a Hardtail Mountain Bike Right for You? Learn more about this topic in our guide to bicycle frame materials. Taking a look at your goals is essential. Trek 820 Wsd 2019. The result is tremendous climbing efficiency, zippy acceleration, and razor-sharp steering. This bike prioritizes pedal efficiency and quick handling over downhill prowess. After researching the best new models on the market, we purchased 9 for this comparative analysis. Go to next slide - You may also like. Wir bieten Dir auch gebrauchte Mountainbike Hardtails an. The lightweight carbon fiber frame translates a lot of the trail surface to the rider. Cannondale Hardtail Bike Bikes. These hardtails are not just for beginners, models range … Got feedback? For those of you who like to stick to the roots of riding, we present the GT Mountain Hardtail … In addition, they tend to be more affordable for the masses. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. Geometry is critical. The NX build we tested is budget-oriented, but Ibis didn't skimp where it matters with a great fork, tires, wheels, and dropper post that enhance its all-around performance. Once rebuilt, it felt marginally better. The build kit was a bit of a mixed bag. Hardtail stands for the un-sprung rear of the bike where the rear wheel attaches. Buy From. The 27.5"+ tires on the Salsa Timberjack. Oh yeah, it is also quite fun. This bicycle is a great choice for the rider who wants a versatile hardtail and frequently rides primarily smooth and flowy trails. Hardtail mountain bikes will come in a choice of 3 different materials: steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. Are you on a budget? Every model year, the prices seem to creep higher and higher as new technology is introduced. 29er’s are great for more technical terrain where tackling larger obstacles becomes necessary with the added comfort and traction from 29 inch wheels. the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, High value, fun on a wide range of terrain, dialed geometry, Aggressive geometry, built to last, killer tires, Swift climbing, sharp handling, excellent value, High fun-factor, rails corners, very poppy, Easy-going geometry, exceptionally versatile, killer drivetrain, Poor fork specification, less compliant frame compared to outgoing model, May be overkill for riders/trails, sluggish in tight spaces, Not as fun on rough trails, 11-speed drivetrain, Narrow range of terrain where it shines, terrible rear tire specification, A well-rounded hardtail that blends solid value with stellar performance in most situations, A mean and aggressive hardtail with an appetite for high speeds, A slick-climbing hardtail mountain bike that is ready for a cross country race but is happy thrashing flow trails, A very fun and versatile hardtail that is comfortable on a narrow range of terrain, A versatile bikepacking rig that has the ability to rip trails, WTB ST i30 TCS 2.0 rims with Shimano MT400 hubs, SRAM MTH hubs with WTB ST i25 TCS 2.0 rims, Alloy Doublewall rims w/ Shimano and Alloy hubs, 32mm ID, Specialized Purgatory Grid, Gripton, 2.6", WTB TrailBoss TCS Light Fast Rolling 2.6", TranzX dropper 150mm travel 34.9mm diameter, Marin Pine Mountain Trail Bar, 50mm rise, 780mm width, Shimano MT420 4-piston front, MT400 2-piston rear, Shimano MT520 4-piston front/MT500 2-piston rear. Turbo technology. Previously being the industry standard before 29” and 27.5” options were available. FOCUS erklärt dir, welche Plattform für welchen Einsatz sinnvoll ist. As your budget increases, generally speaking, the components and materials used increase in quality, durability, and performance, while becoming lighter too. Ghost Bikes: Seit über 20 Jahren bauen wir bei GHOST Fahrräder. The Fuse is very well rounded, and it performs impressively well in virtually all situations. Most importantly a hardtail provides an excellent entry point for beginners and those on a budget looking to start out on easier and intermediate trails. The Marin Pine Mountain is a versatile steel hardtail that does it all. The middle-of-the-road geometry avoids being too long and slack or too steep and twitchy. An entry-level full-suspension bike generally sells for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000. The added challenge of riding without the crutch of rear suspension appeals to many riders as well. A properly fitting hardtail mountain bike can improve your handling and confidence on the trail to help you tackle more technical and challenging rides. Note: Tire choice can make a massive difference within a wheel size — for example, a 29 x 2.3-inch tire rides very differently than a 29 x 2.6-inch tire. A value-priced hardtail cross country style electric mountain bike with 9-speed SRAM 11-34 tooth cassette, plus sized tires, higher top speed of 28 mph, super-responsive torque + cadence sensing bottom bracket, quiet motor, and trigger throttle that overrides assist for full power. See the top rated hardtail mountain bikes from Trek, Specialized, Santa Cruz, and Kona. Our test rides are not quick, 25-minute, hot laps. We... Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Men of 2020. We spend time carefully measuring each bicycle with our own tools and processes to see if the manufacturers differ significantly from our measurements. Specialized delivered well-balanced geometry and this bike now runs 29x2.6-inch tires which deliver a precise and fast ride. Riding different bikes on the same trail, one after another, makes the relative differences and strengths and weaknesses extremely apparent. Orange Crush Pro. The long wheelbase and super-slack front end can be hard to manage in tight spaces. Make any ride, on any route a ride to remember. Hardtail mountain bikes have fantastic pedaling efficiency on smoother, hard packed trails thanks to their rigid rear end. GearLab is reader-supported. They have fewer moving parts, often weigh less, and you'll never lose energy through rear suspension movement. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike #4. A hardtail mountain bike (hardtail MTB) that fits well and is right for your height, flexibility, and riding style is a bike you’ll love riding. On a budget and don’t know where to begin? Beyond that, there was little we didn't like about this hard-charging hardtail. This review will help you find the best hardtail mountain bike for your riding style, budget, and local trails. They are substantial, multi-hour rides. In-store $419.99. Gebrauchte Mountainbikes / MTB Hardtails. This bike has relatively upright, conservative, cross-country oriented geometry. Blood, sweat, tears, uphills and downhills and grease and gears: this is the stuff hardtail dreams are made of. The lack of a rear suspension linkage and shock make these bikes less expensive to produce and easier to maintain. Cookie preferences This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website and are always set. Read the full review of the Calibre Two Cubed. Some hardtails, like the Rocky Mountain Growler, are super slack like enduro bikes. If you’re looking for a mountain bike with performance that balances out the comfort and control this guide will provide you with the necessary information. BMC mountain bikes are capable of extraordinary things. Trek Marlin 5 Xxl 29 Factory Orange/Lithium Grey 2021. Without the spring-loaded rear swingarm, a hardtail is more robust than a fully. Mountain Bikes. Climbing up bony and technical terrain is quite jarring and uncomfortable. Despite being a fairly impressive climber on mellow climbs, technical climbing can be problematic. For the 2020 model year, this bicycle received a total overhaul and it shreds harder than ever with 29-inch wheels. By removing the moving rear end, these bikes are easier to service, cheaper to buy and still give you high thrills when flat out trail riding. Tackle climbs, rule the roads, and bomb the hills on a new hardtail today! On the descent, this bike isn't quite as versatile as others, especially when things get super rough. It is especially noticeable on the 29er version that has narrower tires that require higher air pressure. Need more information on which type of mountain bike is best suited for you? Hardtail neu & gebraucht kaufen und verkaufen auf Riesige Auswahl - gute Preise aktuell 23357 Artikel online Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Generally, this price point is for hardtail enthusiasts since the average mountain biker can get a decent full suspension bike at this price point. Featuring a solid rear triangle and front suspension only. Reasonably well-equipped bikes will usually start above $3,000. The Pole Taival is the hardcore hardtail for riders who want to ride on the red line at all times. 8 of the best hardtail mountain bikes for hardcore trail riding Finding a purpose-built mountain bike for pump tracks , dirt jumps and slopestyle biking is a worthwhile investment. A bike like the Ibis DV9 has a moderate geometry and stiff responsive frame that climbs like a goat and has a solid all-around performance. These days you can get a quick-handling carbon fiber framed model with a middle of the road geometry, like the Ibis DV9 or the Trek Stache, that are lightweight, efficient, fast-rolling, and eat up miles and vertical like it's their job. We think there are better one bike quivers, but few that offer the fun-loving and playful ride of the Chameleon. Get a Christmas deal. You’ll love these great savings. When having fun is a top priority, we recommend the Chameleon. ORKAN Mountain Bike Shimano Hybrid Bike #3. The build kit was highlighted by some meaty 2.6-inch WTB tires that have a hard-charging attitude to match the Growler's outlook on life. Adding a bit of width can make for a more aggressive feel and provide a bit of damping. Our parent site Bike World News recently helped announce the return of Niner’s Air9 hardtail to their line.. After researching... Do you need a new rack to haul around your shiny new... Searching for a new mountain bike helmet? View: 72 Ads. It should be noted that there are much better options for riders looking for a hardtail mountain bike for daily trail riding duties. So, whether you're just starting out or you've been riding for decades, there are more styles of hardtail mountain bikes on the market than ever before, and something sure to match any rider's needs and budget. The Specialized Fuse continues its reign of dominance in the hardtail mountain bike category. Modern mountain bike geometry trends are slowly but surely making their way into the design of hardtail mountain bikes and there are currently more different styles of hardtails on the market than ever before. Trek Hardtail Mountain Bikes. Others are more conservative. Und immer mit dem Anspruch Räder zu bauen, die Spaß machen und besser als alle Anderen sind. The Sports Den - Marshfield. This hardtail has super-aggressive geometry that is typically found on squishy enduro race bikes. They’re also the bike of choice for niche categories such as dirt jump riders. This bike can be built with high end or entry-level parts to fit any riding style. Next comes the fun part. This maintenance will likely run you a few hundred dollars a year. While the build kit is mostly dialed, the RockShox Gold 35 fork leaves a bit to be desired.