Deutsch; Faculties and Institutions. The machining of metallic and non-metallic materials is largely based on high-performance tools made of tungsten carbide-cobalt-carbide (WC-Co). Additive Manufacturing RWTH Aachen cooperates with Stratasys . 52074 Aachen, Germany . Combining generative design and additive manufacturing can help. … RWTH … He completed stays abroad at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh … RWTH Aachen University is one of the leading European science and research institutions. Facing the future of Additive Manufacturing Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 327 connections. May 21, 2020. The IKV recently opened the new building extensions at Seffenter Weg 201 on the Melaten Campus. Join to Connect . RWTH Aachen's Foundry Institute to develop novel material systems with Lunovu's DED machine. “GKN Additive’s experience in series production and their application know-how … RWTH. It sustainably enhances Additive Manufacturing (AM) in its entirety, especially through the complementary cooperation of its production technology institutes. Additive Manufacturing of Large Functional Assemblies through a Hybrid Approach. Due to its design, the application is only feasible because of metal Additive Manufacturing. Additive manufacturing processes are among the major topics of production technology that will significantly influence product development and production. Up to now, only a few basic investigations have been carried out on the production of WC-Co tools using LPBF. Red Hook, NY / Curran Associates, Inc. (2020) [Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings] 35th Polymer Processing Society Annual Meeting 2019 (PPS-35) : Çeşme-Izmir, Turkey, 26-30 May 2019 Page(s): 545-549. Using generative (re-)design approaches in 3D-Manufacturing, there are a lot more options when it comes to the specific structure of materials according to Prof. Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum, Fraunhofer ILT and Head of Digital Additive Production (RWTH). Additive manufacturing processes are booming, with the rapid growth of the formnext trade fair a clear indication of this. The Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing combines the expertise from world-class institutes, research centers and startup companies inside and along the RWTH … 2020; 2019; 2018; 2017; 2016; 2015; News. RWTH Aachen University. Company Profiles; … Having an efficient network, it identifies and solves relevant tasks along the AM process chain. Stephan Ziegler of RWTH Aachen University shares the progress of their research team pioneering new ways to use generative design and additive manufacturing techniques to accelerate design, testing, and development—and bring better products to market more efficiently. Applications now go far beyond prototype production, but developments are usually kept out of the public eye. Welcome to CrAMmed, the first edition of our 3D printing digest based on the latest academic additive manufacturing research. At formnext 2018, in cooperation with the Chair for Technology of Optical Systems TOS at RWTH Aachen University, the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT will be showing a new process in which the component in the powder bed is heated with laser diodes. “Together with the RWTH Aachen University, we have screened the entire market in order to find a suitable partner for the industrialisation of our product,” stated Jens te Kaat, CEO of Kueppers Solutions. Founded by the Fraunhofer Institutes Track: Additive Manufacturing. Academics. Structure of the Research Program - Cluster Research Domains (CRDs) Principal Investigator ; Associated Researchers; Institutes and Research Institutions; … In Additive Manufacturing (AM), there are already some use-cases especially in the design development. Internship. In the Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing (ACAM) RWTH Aachen is examining the different specialist areas of additive manufacturing at different institutes such as the Institute for Plastics Processing in Industry and the Skilled Crafts (IKV) at the university. Identifier. About AMTC; News; Partners; Impressions ; Speakers; Downloads; Contact; In 2021, the AMTC will take place in Aachen. A primary goal of the facility is to further develop the entire selective laser melting process chain for large-volume metal components. AMTC - The Technology Conference on Additive Manufacturing. The GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) process … We are part of an innovative and holistic research-ecosystem on the campus RWTH Aachen in the heart of Europe. Philipp Trotter Philipp Trotter, born in 1985, studied industrial engineering at the RWTH with a diploma and was funded by the German National Academic Foundation and the German Academic Exchange Service. . View Image Gallery. For the elective subject “Additive Manufacturing”, the Chair of Digital Additive Production, short DAP, offers you the lectures AM 1 and AM 2 as well as corresponding exercises in a variety of master programmes. Rapid.Tech’s Read More » You Are Here: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in additive manufacturing. 04 Jun. Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a transformative approach to industrial production that enables the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems. Jun 16th, 2017. Multi-phase and multi-component simulation of solidification in IN718 (nickel-based superalloy) under Selective Laser Melting (SLM) conditions for Additive Manufacturing applications has been modelled. Submit News; Articles. … It is yet, another technological advancement made possible by the transition from analog to digital processes. 2018 Kai Tubbesing Share. Andrea Stammermann Study Course Coordinator Education. Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) is an additive manufacturing process (AM) for the production of complex shaped metallic components. The Aachen Centre for Additive Manufacturing (ACAM), located in Aachen, Germany, celebrated its official opening with a ceremony and networking event on September 23, 2015. This creates a basis for the successful implementation of additive manufacturing in the context of Industry 4.0. Digital Additive Production DAP - RWTH Aachen. Join the AMTC community and meet with us at the AMTC event on October 12-14, 2021 in Aachen. The ICTM International Center for Turbomachinery Manufacturing in Aachen is a joint initiative of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT, the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL of the RWTH Aachen as well as the Chair for Digital Additive Production DAP of the RWTH Aachen. To optimize its own study and training program in the field of additive manufacturing, RWTH Aachen is focusing on direct cooperation with the 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys. Home; Magazine. Fax +49 241 9426 1040 There is a high level of industrial, intersectoral and international significance attached to additive manufacturing processes in production technology, which is closely linked to a strong demand for qualified personnel in the area. Sempsa JP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precious metals and has a longstanding history within the glass fibre industry. Hopmann, Christian Pelzer, Lukas. RWTH Aachen cooperates with Stratasys (Photo:Stratasys) The Aachen University of Technology ( RWTH Aachen) … Read more below. Cooksongold Additive Manufacturing, short AM, creates direct metal 3D printing solutions for industries across the world. You can find useful information about internship organization in this section, in case you opt for practical experience instead of elective courses in the mobility window . degree program at RWTH Aachen University particularly focuses on industrial R&D practice in the areas of organisation, manufacturing technology, production of machines and resources, and quality management. The additive manufacturing processes and system types common today can be subdivided into five additive manu-facturing principles according to the materials used. Additive Manufacturing; 3D printing facility opens in Aachen. Authors. Digital Additive Production. 299shares204905Researchers in the Technology and Innovation Management Group at RWTH Aachen University, Germany have predicted the most probable uses of additive manufacturing in the year 2030. Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2 Extended … Additive Manufacturing – Potential and Challenges for the Automotive Industry Erfurt, February 2016: Additive Manufacturing processes and 3D Printing have become well established in the automotive industry. ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing GmbH Campus-Boulevard 79 52074 Aachen Phone +49 241 9426 1020. Lectures Bachelor; Lectures Master; Research Papers and Theses; Student Advisory Service *** D³ Konstruktionslabor *** Research. MSE. Modern prototype development at the MSE means product innovation from a single source: from first design draft, methodological development of a sound product construction concept, through to creative implementation. Research-Oriented Teaching; Vison and Mission; Research School; Early Career Researcher; Equal Opportunity; Ethics of Technology; Innovationen, Startups und Entrepreneurship; Contact; Research. Cooksongold Additive Manufacturing (AM) In Partnership With Institut für Textiltechnik Of RWTH Aachen University (ITA), EOS GmbH And AMPS GmbH Set To Revolutionize The Glass Fiber Industry . Additive Manufacturing MSE. Authors. Skip navigation. Main page; Intranet; Faculties and Institutes. Digital Additive Production DAP - RWTH Aachen Research Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia 542 followers Inventing the Future of Additive Manufacturing Dates and News from the Additive Manufacturings World in Aachen. Contact. Explore additive manufacturing together with us in the context of lectures, a thesis, a doctorate or as a scientific research assistant. Steinbachstr. AACHEN, Germany— May 14, 2020 — Cooksongold AM and Sempsa JP, part of the Heimerle + Meule Group, announced on May 13, 2020, that they are working to innovate glass … 15. Industrial Laser Solutions Editors. Get the App; Print Subscription; Other Titles; Archive. Several additive procedures are available for this at the MSE. The Foundry Institute at RWTH Aachen... Metal Additive Manufacturing The magazine & online resource for the 3D printing of metals . Providing in-depth knowledge and understanding of production technology, production systems and production-related processes, the M.Sc. Main page RWTH. Here, we assume different semi-finished products with various starting materials and operating principles which effect the layered structure of the components. Left: Robot with installed welding torch for wire- and arc-based additive manufacturing (ISF, RWTH Aachen), middle and right: parts of a pedestrian bridge (Amsterdam) built by MX3D using the WAAM process (1) 2 DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH FIELDS IN THE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY OF WAAM Different welding processes can be used for WAAM. Through this page you will stay up-to-date about topics of Additive Manufacturing, digitisation and innovation – stay tuned! Additive manufacturing. RWTH. The convergence of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) with developments like open source licensing, repositories to share 3D data and files, and platforms to access manufacturing capacity has created an environment where innovation is flourishing, but also where current regulatory schemes and business models are ill equipped to deal with this changing landscape. DIP can be used as an additive manufacturing process (AM) for ceramic materials. Mobility Window / INternship. Tel: +49 (0) 241/8906-398 . Main page RWTH. Track: Electric Mobility Production. The focus of the devision "Additive Manufacturing Processes" lies in the material and process development for the Direct Inkjet Printing (DIP), which has been developed and patented in-house. With the RWTH Aachen, University of Excellence, another first-class scientific partner is joining MTC.